Knowledge gained in this class will prove valuable to both new and experienced drivers alike.

Drivers Education Classes

Safe Drivers Hawaii offers Teen Driver Education, Private Adult Driving Lessons, and Highway Safety Programs for all levels of experienced drivers (Defensive Driving and Driver Improvement).

In the State of Hawaii anyone under the age of 18 is now required to complete and pass a driver education course before taking the driver license exam.  Our Teen Driver Education lessons are Hawaii Department of Transportation approved and certified.  Students are required to attend classroom lessons and driving lessons.  Generally, each session is about 6 weeks long and class sizes vary depending on the number of students that sign up.

Private Adult Driving Lessons are customized to the needs of the individual.  Adult Lessons can start from very basic driving lessons, or be specific lessons like learning how to parallel park.

Highway Safety Programs are for anyone and/or everyone that drives.  Anyone that operates a vehicle on the highways and roadways of Hawaii should take these informative, engaging, and attitude changing classes.