I would recommend this program to any organization, business, or individual that drives a vehicle, no matter what license designation." - Lloyd Narimatsu, Instructor Trainer (NSC & ASHI)

Highway Safety Programs

Safe Drivers Hawaii offers three Highway Safety Programs.  These programs are for anyone that drives a vehicle on the highways and roadways of Hawaii.  Our programs cover vehicles such as Sedans, SUVs, Pickup Trucks, Vans (15 passengers and cargo) or any vehicle that is below 10,000 lbs.  These programs are not for CDL license renewals, but CDL licensed drivers will definitely benefit from these programs.

Nationwide car crashes are one of the leading causes of unintentional injury and death.  On our nation’s highways, 40,000 – 45,000 people die, and 3,000,000 – 3,500,000 people are injured per year due to motor vehicle crashes.  This is also true for the State of Hawaii where, in 2004, there were 142 highway fatalities.  These are the highways that you drive on everyday – commuting to work, transporting loved ones, recreational traveling, etc.  Most motor vehicle crashes that cause injuries and fatalities occur off the job rather than on the job.

Many businesses consider our classes to be an employee benefit and send all of their employees to our highway safety programs.  Companies also feel that this training is proactive and cost effective.  Whenever an employee is injured and/or dies, there are numerous monetary costs to the company such as health insurance premium increases, administrative costs, lower employee productivity, and cost to replace the employee.  With Hawaii’s low unemployment rate many companies struggle to find a replacement for a good employee.  There are costs and liability issues (law suit) whenever an employee gets into a crash on work time, with or without a company owned vehicle.  Costs such as property damage, vehicle repairs or replacement, and insurance premium increases affect the company’s bottom line directly.  Some companies are also having problems renewing their insurance each year because of the frequency of crashes their drivers are getting into.  But, other companies may be receiving insurance premium discounts for sending their drivers to highway safety training classes.

The Highway Safety Programs that Safe Drivers Hawaii offers will benefit anyone that drives a vehicle.  The leading cause of vehicle crash is driver error.  The crash could be a result of poor judgment, lack of knowledge, carelessness, distraction, and/or poor driving attitude.  Our programs address these issues and can benefit you as a driver, and/or a company and its employees, directly and indirectly.  All the people of Hawaii will benefit if vehicle crashes are avoided, injuries are prevented, and lives are saved.

Safe Drivers Hawaii offers three different Highway Safety Programs: