I would recommend this program to any organization, business, or individual that drives a vehicle, no matter what license designation." - Lloyd Narimatsu, Instructor Trainer (NSC & ASHI)

Highway Safety Programs

Classroom Instruction Program

Highway Safety Classroom Instruction is an informative and engaging program for the experienced and inexperienced driver. The main goal of this class is to align the driver’s attitude, about the driving task, toward safe practices and choices. Anyone that drives a vehicle, whether it is personal or work related, will benefit from this class. There are two parts to this 6 hour classroom instruction.

1. Defensive Driving

  • Occupant protection
  • Crash Dynamics
  • Risk prevention techniques
  • Risk prevention attitudes

2. Driver Improvement

  • Roadway laws
  • Applying defensive driving to the driving task
  • Attitude on vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle characteristics
  • Costs to the company and you

The cost for this program is $75.00/person if done in one 6 hour session, and
$85.00/person if done in two 3 hour sessions.

  • For classes conducted outside of Hilo, costs for this program start at $85.00/person
  • We do have a classroom available at 851 Leilani Street, Hilo, which can accommodate
    about 25 people, but parking is very limited.
  • Each person will be provided a workbook.
  • Upon completion each person will receive a Certificate of Achievement.
  • This class is a prerequisite for the Behind the Wheel Driving Instruction Program.