I would recommend this program to any organization, business, or individual that drives a vehicle, no matter what license designation." - Lloyd Narimatsu, Instructor Trainer (NSC & ASHI)

Highway Safety Instruction

Vehicle Maintenance Classroom Instruction
and Lab Program

Participating in this program is an excellent way for a person to become more mechanically familiar with their personal or work vehicle. Each person will learn to recognize vehicle maintenance issues before they become safety problems. The drivers will learn to change a flat tire, check tire pressures, check fluid levels, recognize when these fluids need servicing, understand what a drive belt is and recognize if it needs to be replaced, etc. If drivers are able to recognize vehicle maintenance issues early on, costly repairs can often be avoided which would ultimately save the person or company money.

* Note: This is not an automotive repair class.

  • The cost for this program is $65.00/per person.

  • For Vehicle Maintenance classes that are conducted outside of Hilo, costs will be higher.

  • It will take approximately 4 hours to complete (the length of time is dependent on the number of students in the class).

  • Each person will need to bring their own vehicle to be inspected, a tire gauge, rags, safety glasses, and gloves.

  • Because this is a "hands on" class participants should be prepared to get dirty. Each person should wear covered shoes and comfortable clothing that they don’t mind getting dirty.