I would recommend this program to any organization, business, or individual that drives a vehicle, no matter what license designation." - Lloyd Narimatsu, Instructor Trainer (NSC & ASHI)

Highway Safety Testimonials

"It was a pleasure to be in attendance of a Commercial Drivers Defensive Course that was conducted by Instructor Curtis Hong of Safe Drivers Hawaii. The class was gratifying as it covered areas of defensive driving techniques along with precautionary measures, facts and data to support all information, effective audio-visual aides, and very engaging interaction sessions throughout."

Highway Safety Student

"Mr. Hong is a skilled Instructor/Facilitator that can and will get the most out of his audience. The program that Curtis instructs from is very effective in solidifying the message of safe driving practices for all drivers."

Highway Safety Student

"I would recommend this program/project to any organization, business, or individual that drives a vehicle, no matter what license designation. If more drivers attended these classes, we definitely would have safer roads."

Lloyd Narimatsu, Instructor Trainer (NSC & ASHI Independent Training Facility)

"Attending the Safe Drivers Hawaii Defensive Driving Class was time very well spent. The class was informative and tailored to the specific needs of our business. Having been a licensed driver for over 30 years, I learned that driving techniques have changed to conform to current vehicle design. Knowledge gained in this class will prove valuable to both new and experienced drivers alike."

Ann Kikuta, Insurance Agent (Watanabe Insurance Services, Inc.)

"Thank you for the excellent training session you provided our ranch personnel. Your program presents real world risk factors for motor operations that every individual can identify with. Your high-energy presentation was well received by employees at every level of our organization. It will truly help to keep all of our people safer while operating a motor vehicle both on the job or while transporting their families. Thanks again for a wonderful presentation."

Perry Kealoha, Director of Safety and Security (Parker Ranch Inc.)

"Everything was great I loved it, and I hope that everyone absorbs what was taught today cause it’s serious as a heart attack. Thank you."

Charles Pericho
(The Arc of Hilo)

"I like the interaction and proactive approach. Citing real illustrations are helpful."

Robin Comer
(The Arc of Hilo)

"I enjoyed taking this course to make me get back to safety on our roadways. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give him a 10 for honesty and organization. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be in this class."

Keith Amuro
(Hawaii Tribune-Herald)

"On my opinion, this class is grade A. As an adult I learned a lot and wouldn’t change anything. I personally would give this class a 9 1/2. The instructor is friendly and nice an so easy to talk to."

Kai Montibon
(Hawaii Tribune-Herald)

"It was interesting and informative (and entertaining)… The instructor really knows his subject and keeps in touch with current information."

Allie Atkins
(HCC – Forest TEAM staff member)

"Thank you for engaging all of our senses in teaching this course. You are a very good presenter and speaker. You know your subject well!"

Monica Burnett
(HCC – I Ola Haloa Program staff member)

"(Curt) did a great job of keeping us involved and engaged. Great experience."

Kenoe Chin
(HCC – Na Pua No’eau Program staff member)

"I thought the activities were really good at showing the material. Some of the things were sort of gruesome, but I see how it was important."

Whitney Reyes
(HCC – Liberal Arts Program staff member)

"The format of handouts and activities is a great combination. Activities helped to connect concepts and strategies included in the handouts."

Toni-Ann Samio
(HCC – I Ola Haloa Program staff member)

"This class is an excellent reminder for all of us to driver safely and with precaution not only driving our company vehicles, but for the safety of our loved ones. Mahalo Curt for the class! EVERYBODY who drives should take this class and be aware of the lives that we as drivers are responsible for when we step into our vehicles."

Josy Leipupu Stone
(HCC – I Ola Haloa Program staff member)

"I thought that this workshop would have been the standard boring type of college workshop, but this was not so. The whole body learning was effective. The videos and news clippings provided a horrific reality that comes with driving. Curt is passionate because this is a personal investment for his family, his community and himself."

Taupouri Tangaro
(HCC-I Ola Haloa Program staff member)