I had so much fun... I learned more than I thought I could learn about driving.

Teen Driver Education Classes

Upcoming Session

Please check the schedule for the upcoming teen class on the Calendar page. Please remember that this schedule is tentative. Some changes and adjustments may have to be made later – depending on how many students sign up for the session and when the students driving lessons are arranged.

Safe Drivers Hawaii integrates classroom and driving lessons in each session. The information that the students receive in the classroom is reinforced in the drivers education vehicle during the Behind the Wheel lessons.

Classroom Lessons

There are 6-7 classroom lessons in a session. All classroom lessons are held on the weekends. All classroom lessons are mandatory.

Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) Driving Lessons

There are 6 driving lessons in a session. The dates and times that are shown on the schedule are the available dates and times. Each student will not drive on each of the BTWs shown. They will be driving approximately once a week. During the lesson each student will drive for one hour and observe while the other 1 or 2 students take their turn behind the wheel. Students learn a lot from observing the other students drive.

Once you have decided to sign up for the session, parents / students must choose the dates and times that they can attend their BTW lessons. Please remember that everyone has a busy schedule – choose dates and times that the student can drive instead of when the student wants to drive. Also, keep in mind that the students need to be dropped off on time and picked up after the lesson is over.