I had so much fun... I learned more than I thought I could learn about driving.

Teen Testimonials

"This class helped me learn all the rules of the road and how to follow them. I think this is a good program that will make the roads more safe. The instructor is very helpful and good at his job. He has a good approach at teaching and has a good sense of humor.

Thank you for this class."

Kalil Dupuis
Kua O Ka La Public Charter School

"You may die from driving in the next 5 years.” That was the first sentence we heard from Drivers Ed. Boy, that was a wake up call. Safe Drivers Hawaii, it is safe. It was fun and educational at the same time. It’s a easy class, but if you don’t do your work, it’ll become hard. Trust me, I have a first hand experience. This Drivers Ed. is really fun and it tells you about the Reality of Driving Straight Up. And that I tell you is a good thing."

Janelle Del Castillo
St. Joseph High School

"At first the class was boring and too early, but I started enjoying it after the 3rd class. I enjoyed all the hands on activities that let us move around in class. I didn’t enjoy the reading, but I know that it will help me in the long run. A lot was learned throughout the class and the information may save my life one day. This class was a great experience."

Jared Kushi
Waiakea High School

"I really enjoyed this class. I thought before I was a wonderful driver, but I learned I wasn’t halfway there. I am 17 years old the reason I waited so long was because I thought drivers education was so junk. But here at Safe Drivers Hawaii we learn in many ways. We don’t only do book work but also a hands on experience. This class is a serious place not a game room but it is still a very fun place to learn."

Rachelle Vidinha
Keaau High School

"Awesome! Teaches many things my parents aren’t even clear about. I enjoyed it although you have to get up early and read a lot. My friends took drivers ed. from the school and they don’t know as much as I learned. However, the driving can be extremely stressful. Who knew 80% of us in the next 5 years will get into a crash?"

Lauren Herlicska
Hilo High School

"Safe Drivers Hawaii helped me understand the dangers of driving. Before I came here I had no idea how easy it is to crash a car. I thought I was a pretty decent driver, but I learned so much and how to drive defensively."

Callen Kim
Hilo High School

"Safe Drivers Hawaii taught me everything I needed to know to drive. He teaches you not only the basics but the harsh realities of the road. Sometimes I didn’t even want to drive because it was so gruesome. But I have become a safer and better driver because of what I learned here."

Grace Matsuura
Hilo High School

"I feel like I can be very comfortable with driving now and I can trust my own driving. It will (get) harder before it gets easier. I never felt I could do this but I can and I learned a lot. I learned all the safety and regulation and especially how to avoid hazard and collision. The most important thing to do is always look. IPDE System and SEE system."

Kanani Saiki
UH Hilo student